CEO Larry Schwartz’s disaster recovery planning expertise highlighted in the Pittsburgh Business Times

Modern-day technological disasters, such as malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and data breaches are damaging and detrimental to companies of all sizes, but small- and medium-sized businesses can be hit especially hard. According to a recent Nationwide Small Business Indicator survey, 68% of small business owners don’t have a formal disaster recovery plan, even though 58% of […]

Midnight Blue Ranked Among World’s Most Elite 501 Managed Service Providers

Midnight Blue has once again been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious 12th annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. As an IT services and solutions provider, we’re proud of our outstanding technology and managed services offerings for small to mid-sized businesses across the Southwest Pennsylvania region—and prouder still […]

Internet Rights Advocacy Is for More Than Internet Access

Some people believe so much in something that they’ll commit their lives to make it better for everyone. The Internet, as one of the most impressive advancements of civilization, has a fair amount of people who take the time (or make a living) advocating on the various issues that face Internet users. These Internet rights […]

The End of Windows 7 Support

Support for Windows 7 is ending on January 14, 2020. In preparation for this, Microsoft will begin pushing notifications to all Windows 7 users to remind them of the upcoming end of support. The notification won’t specifically mention upgrading to Windows 10, but it will warn of the date support ends and provide a link […]

Windows 7 End of Life Sneaking Up on Some Businesses

All good things must come to an end eventually, and Windows 7 is no different. Microsoft is officially ending its support of this operating system relatively soon, but this doesn’t mean that you should jump ship without a plan. In fact, Microsoft realizes that some businesses and organizations simply can’t make the jump in time, […]

The Marriott Hack Exposes 500 Million People

It’s nice to get away every now and then, but if you have stayed at any property under the Marriott umbrella, including St. Regis, Westin, Sheraton, or W hotel since 2014, there is a good chance that your personal information has been leaked, a spokesperson from parent company Marriott has said. The multinational hotel corporation […]

Midnight Blue Technology Services Ranked Among Top 501 Global Managed Service Providers by Channel Futures

Pittsburgh, PA (August 2018) – Midnight Blue Technology Services ranks among the world’s 501 most strategic and innovative managed service providers (MSPs), according to Channel Futures 11th-annual MSP 501 Worldwide Company Rankings. The MSP 501 is the first, largest and most comprehensive ranking of managed service providers worldwide. This year Channel Futures received a record […]

BaaS Lets You Take Decentralization for a Test Drive

One of the biggest problems with emerging technologies is the fact that it can be very hard to tell if they will actually provide any benefit to a business without taking the risk of implementing it. This leaves many businesses in a catch-22 of sorts: they lose money by not implementing a new solution, or […]

Surveying the Damage of Meltdown and Spectre

At the time of this writing, it has only been about a half a year since the Meltdown and Spectre exploits became public knowledge. Fortunately, patches were swiftly rolled out to mitigate the problems that these exploits could cause, but that doesn’t mean that these exploits are dead and buried. Let’s look back at Meltdown […]

ALERT: Change Your Twitter Password, Says Twitter

Twitter is recommending that all 336 million users change their passwords as soon as possible due to the discovery of an internal security flaw. While the issue has been fixed and no data breach seems to have taken place, Twitter is clearly taking this situation seriously. On Thursday, May 3, it came to light that […]

The CLOUD Act Explained

Another eleventh-hour spending bill passed through the U.S. Congress and was signed into law on March 23, 2018. This time, however, there was a certain earmark that may work to erode individual privacy protection around the globe. The new law, called the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (or CLOUD) Act, amends the Stored Communications […]

More Victims of the Equifax Breach Discovered

The 2017 Equifax leak was a disastrous scenario, but recent revelations indicate even more victims were affected than previously thought. Nobody ever wants to hear this kind of news, but there is an upside to this that shouldn’t be ignored – learning from the mistake. We’ll start with a refresher on what happened exactly, and […]

World Backup Day Highlights the Importance of Backup Practices

March 31, 2018 is World Backup Day. Data is a commodity, but unlike other commodities–it can be replicated without hurting its value. As a result, data backup has become a critical need for the modern business. World Backup Day has been created to remind people to protect their assets by backing up their files. Data […]

Update on the Meltdown / Spectre Threat

Recently, security researchers at Google uncovered a pair of security exploits that could allow an unauthorized third party to access chip memory, which holds sensitive information like passwords and cached files. The two vulnerabilities – referred to as Meltdown and Spectre – put almost all computers, laptops, servers and smartphones utilizing chips made by Intel […]

Scam Leverages Email from a Reluctant Contract Killer

To many, email scams have become a joke. Sitcoms have throwaway punchlines that reference a character getting an email from a rich uncle in Nigeria, or some friend needing funds to get home from an overseas trip. One of these scams may not at first seem to be amusing, as it threatens the recipient’s life, […]

Holiday Shopping Just Got Easier–Check out These Gadgets!

It can often be difficult to figure out what to get someone for a holiday gift. Fortunately, there is almost always a new gadget or gizmo that can make someone with particular interests happy. In this blog, we’ll go over a few cool gadgets that make excellent special-interest gifts. For the Connected User There has […]

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Strikes Targets in Eastern Europe

In yet another widespread ransomware attack, Eastern European countries saw an assortment of their critical establishments and infrastructures struck by an infection known as Bad Rabbit. Government buildings, media establishments, and transportation centers were among the targets of this attack. Focused in Russia and Ukraine but also spotted in Bulgaria, Germany, and Turkey, Bad Rabbit […]