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At Midnight Blue, we’re more than an IT provider. We’re a managed IT partner who is invested in the success and security of small businesses and medium-sized businesses. We believe in providing the highest quality and level of IT solutions services, technology consulting and benefits, no matter your size or your budget.

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Total IT solutions and managed services that work for your business and your budget.

We believe that small businesses and medium-sized businesses should have the same technology and benefits of large, enterprise-level companies. BlueCentral is a continuous network monitoring, management, and support system for clients who need comprehensive solutions and don't have the resources for expensive in-house IT teams. 

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Multi-tiered cybersecurity solutions that fortify your system and prevent unauthorized access. Complete network security strengthens business communication, eliminates cyberthreats, and improves productivity and profits.

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When disaster strikes, it’s great to have peace of mind that your data and critical systems are safely backed up. BlueBackup ensures that your organization can get back to business, fast, following a cyber or physical disaster.

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Securely host your operations and data on our Cloud-based platform, BlueSky. The cloud is an affordable alternative to on-site servers and support. It is accessible anytime, anywhere, and provides 24/7 security. Need more storage? With the cloud, scalability is easy.

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The solution that makes sure your systems are always safe and always on. BlueMaintenance provides continuous monitoring and maintenance, so that your organization can increase productivity and proactively prevent issues before they happen.

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Complete infrastructure security you can count on. BlueStructure builds systems that handle current business needs while offering agility to accommodate for future growth. The system secures your physical infrastructure and hardware with complete anti-virus, malware protection and more.

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Voice communications that are secure, simple, and accessible. BlueVoice helps bring communications goals to life and eliminates downtime during implementations and installations. Keep your organization moving forward without disruption.

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Custom Solutions

We'll work with you to create customized technology and managed service solutions that work for your business needs and challenges, as well as your company size and budget. 

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