Why Network Security Really Matters

Your small to mid-sized business can’t afford to ignore the importance of keeping your network secure. Network threats can cause catastrophic and irreparable damage to your business, your employees, and even your customers, if the right solutions and policies aren’t in place.

Before we dive any deeper, let’s talk about what network security really is.

Network security is all of the activity, planning, procedures, and protocols that protect your business networks, users, and company data. It is a dynamic and multi-layered defensive tactic that comprehensively spans every area of business infrastructure, hardware, software, technology, and more. Through a set of tiered policies, controls, and additional measures, security threats are thwarted from accessing your business systems to cause harm or create chaos.

Meanwhile, your authenticated users, such as employees and customers, can gain secure access to the information and services they need. Network security is your company’s approach to safeguarding vital business assets like user and customer information, customer data, financials, servers, proprietary data or services, and ensuring day-to-day business operations continue as expected, without interruptions.

Network Security in a Work-from-Home World

The remote landscape most of us are currently in has made network security even more crucial to pay attention to. While you probably trust your employees (you hired them, after all), the fact is, you can’t monitor their activity as well in a remote capacity vs. working in the office. It’s important to discuss cybersecurity with everyone in your business and ensure that all employees are doing their part to take necessary security measures such as using a protective firewall,  antivirus software, and keeping passwords secure and updated frequently.

If you want to make sure you’re covering all of the network security bases for your small to mid-sized business, we’ve put together a free network security checklist to keep on hand.