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Protect Your Business with a VPN

Man Using Laptop Computer With VPN Virtual Private Network Connection For cybersecurity

Protecting your business with a virtual private network or VPN is a crucial piece of your overall cybersecurity package. Unfortunately, security risks are everywhere on the internet. Luckily, a VPN can help to significantly lower that risk for your business.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network, or VPN, creates a virtual network that routes information from one point to another. When routing this information, the VPN takes extra steps to completely encrypt the data and send it to the recipient in an entirely unreadable format. The proper recipient will have the decryption key. The data will be readable at that point, but only to the intended recipient.

Every computer, laptop, and mobile device has an IP address. A VPN will take the traffic going to and coming from that IP address and route it through its IP configuration, leaving the remote device far more secure than it otherwise would be.

Why should you use a VPN?

Security is more critical than ever before. A quality VPN will provide your business with another layer of protection. VPNs will provide that security for employees working remotely, whether from home or at a conference. Remote workers are particularly susceptible to internet risk, so using a VPN for employees is critical. Data your employees send to each other can be hidden from people trying to break into your system. The VPN allows that data to be encrypted, only becoming readable again once it reaches its destination. Decryption keys only exist at the destination. Therefore, the risk is significantly reduced.

What is at stake?

The business world flourishes on positive customer experiences. Working with customer data is a quick way to either improve that experience or destroy it. Companies worldwide are falling prey to hackers that are stealing customer data and selling it to the highest bidder. Each company that gets breached finds itself dealing with everything from lost revenue to lawsuits. Customers tend to stay away from a company that has had a data breach.

Hackers are out there trying to steal information every second of every day. A VPN setup on your network as part of your overall cybersecurity solution is a must.

Let us help

MidnightBlue provides enterprise solutions for your cybersecurity needs. VPN setup and management are critical, and the team at MidnightBlue has the technology and experience to keep your remote workers just as secure as if they were in the office. Give our team a call to see if a SonicWall Secure VPN solution is right for your business or to get started with a cybersecurity assessment.