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MidnightBlue Employee Spotlight: Jake Rubenstein

Jake Rue

Jake at Work

Jake Rubenstein has been on the MidnightBlue team for a whopping 30 days now as a Business Development Manager. His co-workers describe him as trustworthy and a real team player. His favorite thing about working at MidnightBlue thus far is the overall experience of how both clients and employees are managed and treated. He enjoys the family-like office culture and everyone’s dedication to carrying out the mission.

Speaking of which—when asked what ‘Always On’ means to him, Jake answered: the entire customer experience which starts at the top through great leadership.

Jake in Life

Outside of work, Jake is known to be musically talented. His favorite hobby is singing which he puts into practice as  a local musician, sometimes playing multiple shows per week. The genre of music he enjoys most is Blues/Rock. Jake is also a proud husband and father to six kids. He and his wife jokingly call themselves the “Brady Bunch of Hampton.”