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How Big Is the Cyber Security Problem?

Most of the quality of life that we enjoy today is the result of technological progress in the past. Unfortunately, technical technological progress also brings some disadvantages with it. News organizations and government agencies alike have commented on the increasing prevalence of cyber crime, the perpetrators of which are even going after first responders during the pandemic!

Of course, this development is just part of the general problem of growing cyber security risks. Many people are not familiar with the landscape of cyber crime because it is so new. Unfortunately, it is now becoming a serious problem that everybody will have to be aware of soon.

So exactly how big is the cyber security problem? Read on to learn all about the most important things to keep in mind about the growing prevalence of cyber crime!

Cyber Security Threats Include Malware

The increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence is allowing for more automated cyber attacks. Instead of depending on a few career hackers, these kinds of attacks can be spread far and wide using more advanced technological options.

Malware in particular can be extremely common and destructive to individuals and businesses alike. Malware can steal your data or cripple your computers. They can allow people to find out everything about your business. They can also make it impossible for your business to run.

If you are dealing with serious malware, you may need to get in touch with professionals.

Ransomware Steals Confidential Data

Ransomware is also one of the more common cyber crimes out there. The truth about modern business is that it depends completely on the data stored on business devices. Without records, it can be impossible to keep in touch with customers, potential clients, and even every employee in some cases.

Ransomware deletes essential data off of business devices and copies it somewhere else. Then criminals demand money in return for sending you back a copy of your data.

Many businesses are so dependent on the data that they feel forced to comply. The same can happen even with hospitals and other institutions.

Personally, Identifiable Information Needs Strong Password Protection

Many people continue to use weak passwords. As a result, their identifiable information is vulnerable to a simple brute force hack. Simple passwords are easy to guess for brute-force computer programs.

Strong passwords are about length, not complexity. The longer your password is, the more immune it is to brute force attacks.

Understand the Seriousness of Cyber Security Risks

We hope that some of the ideas in this brief article about how serious cyber security risks can be have been helpful for you. We live in a time where technology is rapidly advancing. Unfortunately, that brings some disadvantages along with the many advantages that it brings.

The world of cyber crime is growing at a concerning pace. The more you keep up-to-date on these developments, the better prepared you will be to counter the possibility of cyber crime. To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself from potential cyber criminals, reach out to our MidnightBlue team at any time!