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3 Reasons to Include XDR in Your Cybersecurity Plan

cybersecurity XDR concept

What is XDR?

First and foremost, if you haven’t yet heard about XDR, let us define it for you. XDR, which stands for Extended Detection and Response, is an integrated security suite that infuses security telemetry, control points, analytics and operations into one system. Essentially, XDR can provide you with less security alerts and instead equip you with quality information and correlated threat data from different security layers into a story that makes sense. XDR shows you why a threat happened and where it came from, so that you can be better prepared in the future and spend a lot less time repairing the damage.

Here are three reasons why your organization should consider implementing XDR to better protect your private data.

  1. The pandemic has increased cyber threats.

The pandemic and increase in remote work has given hackers an advantage for tapping into unsecured work-from-home setups. They’re more likely today to hijack machines and access other devices in a corporate network. Cyber attackers are also using pandemic-related news to scam individuals and corporations through phishing attempts and fraudulent emails.

  1. Cyber attackers are getting more sophisticated.

Unfortunately, it’s the small businesses who are being targeted most by cyber attackers. And these days, they are finding their information through more ways than just phishing scams. For instance, a casino in Las Vegas recently had it’s systems compromised through a smart thermometer in a fish tank. This is just one example of the sophistication and lengths cyber attackers are going to.

  1. Built-in email security only blocks a small fraction of malware threats.

Microsoft states that for Microsoft365 users, the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) feature catches and blocks all known malware. The problem? Known malware that reaches your email only accounts for 5%. The other 95% is unknown malware. When you have XDR, endpoint data and email data correlate to provide a root cause analysis. Organizations that have XDR suffered half as many successful attacks over the past year as those who don’t.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of XDR and how it works, contact MidnightBlue to find out how we can help you create your Cybersecurity strategy. Watch our recent webinar with Trend Micro below for further insights.