Simplify your network with Star2Star VoIP business telephone systems

Phone systems affect the way your network and business operate. With systems from outside providers, you can expect unnecessary complications in your IT infrastructure that can disrupt your business and profitability. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is an easy to use and cost-effective solution.


What To Expect From Star to Star

  • Simplicity: Voice, Chat, Fax, Video, and more combined into one, easy to use system!
  • Award-Winning Technology: Top rated call quality and reliability
  • Flexibility: One solution tailoring to fit your business needs
  • No Downtime: Continue to use your current system while your new system is installed


On-Premise or Cloud?

Star2Star offers a Blended Architecture that delivers the benefits of both on-premise and hosted solutions. Their award winning, patented cloud architecture overcomes limitations of competitor technologies and guarantees reliability.


Why Should Your Business Switch?

  • 100% of users save on their monthly bill
  • 100% of users saw an increase in productivity
  • 100% voice uptime since 2011


For more information on how Midnight Blue can save your organization money and improve communications with a VOIP system, contact us at 412-342-3800 or